Supports Requiring Surgery or Sterilization of Transgender People

ADF International filed an intervention in 2015 to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) arguin...

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Opposes Transgender People Serving Openly in Military

In 2016, Daniel Briggs, who serves as ADF’s legal counsel and director of military affairs, spoke ...

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Supports Dangerous Policies for Transgender People in Prison

In January 2018, The Dallas Morning News reported that ADF was part of “negotiations” with the...

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Opposes Allowing Transgender People to Change ID to Match their Gender Identity

In 2015, ADF lawyer Michael Norton spoke out against a bill that would allow transgender people to c...

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Denies Transgender Identity

In a 2016 lawsuit, ADF consistently referred to a transgender female as “male” and used male pro...

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Spreads Junk Science about Transgender Children

In March 2017, former ADF legal counsel and current ADF allied attorney Douglas Wardlow sent a lette...

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ADF Defends Discrimination

The Alliance Defending Freedom promotes discrimination and intolerance by supporting laws that would restrict the rights of LGBT people and by spreading harmful misinformation about gender identity and the LGBT community.

Stand Up Against Discrimination