Defended Anti-LGBT Teachers

In 2010, ADF represented University of Illinois professor Dr. Kenneth Howell, who was fired after he...

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ADF Opposes Anti-Bullying Policies

In 2012, ADF and anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family created an “anti-bullying yardstick” to co...

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Opposes Inclusive Curriculums

In 2012, ADF’s Jeremy Tedesco and Matt Sharp wrote a legal memo to the Erie Community Unit School ...

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ADF is Against Adoption and Foster Care by LGBT People

ADF lawyers and allied attorneys worked in Georgia, South Dakota, Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, and ...

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Spreads Myths about LGBT Parenting

On its website, ADF claims that “adults who grew up with LGBT parents” have “one thing in comm...

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ADF Defends Discrimination

The Alliance Defending Freedom promotes discrimination and intolerance by supporting laws that would restrict the rights of LGBT people and by spreading harmful misinformation about gender identity and the LGBT community.

Stand Up Against Discrimination